153 Million Children Around the World Are Facing Food Insecurity

  • Hunger knows no borders, no boundaries and no limits
  • Today, a rising tide of conflict 鈥 from Sudan to Gaza 鈥 is causing families to struggle to get the food they need
  • Through Save the Children's work, we've supported 35 million children with hunger-related interventions

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783 million people don't know where their next meal will come from

1 in 5 deaths among children under the age of 5 is attributed to severe acute malnutrition

The triple threat of conflict, climate change and economic cost is fueling the hunger crisis

5 Things to Know About Child Hunger

Our Response to the Global Hunger Crisis

Through working with local communities and governments, our response to world hunger is tackling acute and chronic food security needs. Last year, we supported over 35 million children with hunger-related interventions.

750,557 children across nine hunger-affected countries received treatment for acute malnutrition

608,104 pregnant and lactating women and caregivers were counselled on infant and young child feeding

943,560 children and their families were supported to protect their livelihoods, especially those affected by climate change

21,567 community health workers and healthcare providers were trained

1,385,222 children and households were supported with cash and voucher assistance.

1,170,975 children and adults in 1,756 communities were supported through culturally appropriate social behavior change initiatives

Together, We Can Break the Cycle of Poverty and Feed Children鈥檚 Futures

Many families live trapped in a cycle of extreme poverty. Undernourished mothers are more likely to have undernourished children, the effects of which are devastating. But when families and children eat well, they are better equipped to pull themselves out of the cycle of poverty.

Hunger is not a lost cause. Globally, the number of people in famine-like conditions has almost halved. Together, we can act now to break the poverty cycle and feed children鈥檚 futures. Your donation today聽can help children fight for their childhoods.

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